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Does your website need a facelift or do you need help to build a website from scratch?


Specializing in WordPress

This website was built in WordPress, which is an open source blog tool and publishing platform. It is scalable and extremely easy to use with thousands of plug-ins available.

We can build an affordable and easy-to-manage website for you too!

Nordic Identity provides comprehensive web services that include everything from design and copy writing to setting up a web hotel and register a domain address for your business. Additionally, we help attract more relevant visitors to your website and provide detailed analytic data about your web visitors

Part-time webmaster and blogger

We can work on a project basis or take on the role as your company’s webmaster or blog editor. The later, is especially appreciated by smaller companies with limited resources and knowledge about web development. For a monthly retainer we update and develop new content for your website and suggest improvements.

Content Development

Interesting and relevant content is key for a successful website. We write new content and articles and publish them to your website or blog. We have long experience from working with different web publishing tools but prefer working in WordPress environment.

Web Design

Our services include design of entire websites, landing pages, and micro sites as well as webspots and banners. We develop page templates and build the website, preferably in WordPress.

Graphics & Images

We design graphics, web spots, and illustrations for your website, and help you to find images that support your content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nordic Identity can help to increase the page rank of your website. After analyzing your website, we create a plan to improve the page rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can then choose to implement the plan by yourself or we take care of it for you.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Google AdWords is an effective way to immediately drive more traffic to your website while you work on improving the page rank of your site. Nordic Identity builds a campaign that targets your key markets, increasing traffic and inquiries from your website.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics is an easy way to learn more about your website’s visitors.

  • How do they find your website
  • How they navigate your site and how long they stay
  • How they become customers

We help you to get started and provide easy-to-understand reports that reveal visitor trends, guiding you how you can improve your website.

Email Marketing

Newsletters and automated follow up emails to people that download materials from your website can be effective ways of building relationships with your web visitors and educate them about your solution.

Emails are also an efficient way to distribute invitations, newsletters, and new product announcements. Our services include everything from writing articles and template design to email distribution and detailed statistics of who opened the email and what links they clicked on. With almost no extra effort, we can spread the campaign via social media.

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