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Is your company looking to create a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In? Do you need a writer for your blog?

Nordic Identity guides you in this new world, advising you how social media activities complement your other marketing programs and how you can manage all these channels effectively as well as measure the results.

Social Media

Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook are becoming important tools and they need to be part of the total marketing mix.

We evaluate how your business can use social media to communicate with existing customers and to find new prospects. We develop a strategic plan and set up your accounts that you either manage or we manage on your behalf.

Company Blogs

A blog presents a more casual way to talk to customers and is a great way to build thought leadership. It gives you a forum to comment on important industry news as well as present new products and services. Unlike the rest of your website, the blog enables you to have a dialogue and capture your customers’ feedback.

We can write articles for your company blog and/or and respond to comments as well as monitoring and commenting on other important industry blogs.

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Nordic Identity brings 16 years of marketing experience from the IT industry with expertise in mobile computing software and hardware wireless communication, mobile payments, RFID, wireless security.
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