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Does your company need  an extra hand organizing a seminar, trade show, or conference? Or do you need help creating an invitation or a signage for your booth?

Nordic Identity takes the lead in developing, managing, and implementing successful event programs, acting as a project manager or just assisting your marketing team when needed.

Event Research

We discuss your objectives and budget, and help you to find the most effective industry events for your target market.

If you need the support, we negotiate the price, take care of the registration process, and file necessary paperwork.

Event Management

As your event project manager, Nordic Identity takes full ownership of the event, including:

  • Contact with third-party vendors
  • Ordering equipment for your booth
  • Creation and distribution of invitations
  • Marketing of the event via web, social media, emails, mailings, etc
  • Design and printing of signage for your booth
  • Development of marketing materials
  • Coordination of press activities
  • On-site support

NRF, The Retail’s BiG Show in New York city.  Pernilla J. Gibson

Webinars & Podcasts

Nordic Identity can take the lead in planning and organizing Webinars and Podcasts. We help you to select a relevant subject, create the presentation, prepare invitations, and promote the event through media partners, social media, email campaigns, and your website.

Graphics & Signage

Design of signage and graphics for your booth. Through our network of vendors we coordinate the production process, ensuring you receive materials in time for the event.


Design email invitations and printed invitations to send to your customers. If you need printed invitations we take care of printing and mailing. We can also set up a special website for the event where people can register and pay for the event. Additionally, we offer automated reminders via email and sms as well post event surveys.

Speaking Opportunities

Research of industry events and submission of your company for speaking opportunities.

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Nordic Identity brings 16 years of marketing experience from the IT industry with expertise in mobile computing software and hardware wireless communication, mobile payments, RFID, wireless security.
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