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Do you need help to send out newsletter or product announcements?

Emails can be used to maintain relationships with your existing customers and partners as well as a way to nurture new prospects with event driven marketing. Emails are a cost-efficient way to distribute invitations, newsletters, and new product announcements.

We work with a solution called eMarketeer that allows you build powerful multi-channel campaigns with emails, text messages, forms, campaign pages, and social media to promote a product, service or event. Additionally, the tool allows you to manage your contacts and provides detail statistics of how the campaign was received.


eMarketeer Video Tour on Vimeo.

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Newsletters help drive traffic to your website or blog and nurture the relationship with existing customers and new prospects.

Our services include:

  • Writing of articles/content
  • Template design
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Email distribution
  • Detailed statistics of who opened the email and what links they clicked on.

With almost no extra effort, we can spread the campaign via social media.

Our e-mail builder makes editing content super easy and the template control ensures maximum delivery to all email clients. It allows you to create powerful e-mail campaigns with stunning templates, personalization, video in e-mail and complete customization and most importantly you get easy access to how the recipients have reacted the email.



Event-based Marketing / Automated Marketing

Marketing automation or event-based marketing is an integral part of any advanced lead nurture and lifecycle marketing program. eMarketeer allows you to set triggers that listen for specific actions (e.g. somebody downloads something from your website) and engage when trigger rules are met to initiate a chain of events across multiple channels.


Create and distribute email invitations and design landing pages for your event with eMarketeer. Automatically genererate text messages and confirmation emails when people register and send out surveys afterwards.

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